And so it begins…


As you may have ascertained from the title, I am headed abroad! In just under 3 weeks, I will be headed abroad for a semester spent studying in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. I am incredibly excited for the experience and currently frantically gathering the things I need to pack!


This trip is about to be a great adventure (titular reference) and I cannot wait to get under way. As a junior at Pitzer College, I am headed abroad with a group of other environmental enthusiasts and look forward to examining the ways in which culture has shaped the unique and inspiring way in which Costa Ricans regard their environment. At Pitzer, I am pursuing a double major in Political Studies and Environmental Policy and hope to add a minor in Economics (should I find the time). As I finish up my last minute preparations back home in Ohio, I realize that I am going to miss the comfort of what I know and the excitement of being back on campus in Southern California. Soon, though, I will call Costa Rica my home and it will be what I know.


Throughout this journey, I hope to convey the lessons, ups, and downs of my experience. I know that I am about to embark on an incredible trip and I am fully aware that there will be struggles along the way. That said, I am confident that this adventure will forever shape the person I am becoming and I look forward to the challenges and rewards.

Welcome to the roller coaster ride that is my upcoming semester! Please take your seat and buckle your seat belt. The train will be departing the station soon! 🙂

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